Artiste Lineup

The complete list of peforming artistes for the 2007 U.S. Tour will be listed here soon.

Performing Artiste Lineup Coming Soon!

 Post a comment and let us know who you would love to see in your city.


43 Responses to “Artiste Lineup”

  1. Sham! Bring Sham to L.A.!

  2. Yes Sunsplash,Bring Sham and Voice Mail and Tok to L.A. and Las Vegas.

  3. Bring some vintage, back to the roots.

  4. Bring out Rootz Underground. I’m tired of seeing the same old acts over and over again.

  5. Bring out T.O.K and Morgan Heritage fi mash up di place.


  6. Mus haffi bring out jah cure since him free up soon

  7. Would love to see Burning Spear and Buju Banton in Los Angeles…

  8. Bring Sanchez and Beres Hammond to Los Angeles! PLEASE

  9. I Would love to see Dan Mafia the guy who write for bennie man and now who is doing his own thing we will see how much nomber one hit he have comming now please bring Dan mafia to Los Angele.

  10. Yes I Bring Buju Banton to Mandalay Bay Beach, last year was wicked!!!!

  11. Sunsplash bigg up bring thru Di Doctor Beenie Man to L.A.and Vegas

  12. Would love to see Eeaka mouse or yellow man. All old roots would be nice in Santa Brabara.

  13. Yes Sunsplash me would love to see Morgan Heritage in L.A. again.

  14. Please bring back some fun Reggae that people can party and dance too artiste like, Barrington Levy, Maxi Priest etc, etc,etc!!!!

  15. Need sum music fi wine up mi waise mek mi ben over and wave it inna unnu face, bacc it up pon a bwoy waise, bring back dance hall.

  16. Bring Red Fox to Arizona red hot desert!

  17. Bring back UB40 like last year at Irvine Meadows.

  18. UB40,Big Mountain,Ziggy,Damian,and Stephen Marley,Inner Circle to
    Mandalay Bay Beach Las Vegas

  19. Third World must come back to houston, my 7 yr old daughter loves their style and missed dem last year.Morgan Heritage would be great also, they missed Houston.

  20. Yes Sunsplash, greetings Stephen Marley was wicked at HOb in Los Angeles if you can get him bring him come cause him did tear the rooof off the place, MIND CONTROL is the next conscious record check it out, respecc to all who burn the light bright for reggae and keep it around for the masses to enjoy….ONE LOVE, til my next blurb!!!!

  21. Bring Joseph Israel Reggae’s Brightest new Artist. He is great Live with the Jerusalem band , and also does a great acoustic set. Luciano would also be great !!

  22. Please bring WAYNE WONDER to LA and Vegas we love his voice. Bless

  23. We the Sexy girls love Mr. Wonder out here in Hawaii can we get to see him up close, we would love to have him, Buju and Beres Hammond……One Love

  24. We would love to see T>O>K, Beres, Wayne Wonder and UB40 in Miami that would bring some fire. Peace

  25. Give local boys FORTWENTYDAZE and international scene, give a low bill opening spot, and THEY WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. Check them out, they are true to the bands before them yet put their own style on the genre. Las Vegas’ own FORTWENTYDAZE, check em out.

  26. Buju and Wayne Wonder should be on all legs of the tour, two of the best ever.

  27. Wayne Wonder is one of the best out of Jamaica, love his lovers rock I would love to see him in Vega and T.O.K.

  28. Bring UB40 Back to Albuquerque, New Mexico again!

  29. Capleton, Bounty Killer, Maxi Priest, The Marley’s, Buju Banton!!! Please!!!

  30. I just saw that Tickemaster has the LA & Santa Barbara Sunsplash shows listed as CANCELED

    tell me it’s not soooo…

  31. just bring some reggae back to the Santa Barbara Bowl!!!

  32. buju, sizzla, morgan heritage, anthony b, richie spice, beres + maxi priest in NYC would be just about a dream come true.

  33. Last year’s concert in Cocoa Beach was fantastic so please put a stop in Central Florida on the tour! Nothing beats Maxi Priest, UB40, and the reggae vibe ON the Beach! Don’t forget the fans in Central Florida!

  34. ToOtS aNd ThE mAyTaLs!!!!

  35. seeed

  36. i wanna see something a bit different so i’m asking for the twin of twins. i love their vibe and hilarious songs!!!!!!!!

  37. So you guys really think Sunsplash is still going to happen this year?!?
    I hate to say it but…..give it up. No Sunsplash for you…come back one year

  38. UB40, Morgan Heritage, Beres Hammond, Barrington Levy, Lady Saw, Maxi Priest, Buju Banton, Luciano & Third World…NOW THAT’s A CONCERT TO GO TO!!


  40. Shaggy, UB40, Maxi Priest, Toots, Yellowman…….bring it on and let the music play!!!

  41. All I am saying is – Can we get some Reggae shows in Washington, DC?

  42. Reggae Sunsplash 2008??? any dates or venues yet??? Please PLease Please….Ill fly anywhere to be at one….

    Girl from Hawaii that lives in Alaska!!

  43. Y NO 2008????

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