Cultural Movement

So as we plan the 2007 tour we keep talking about how Reggae has really started to make its mark on pop culture…and that discussion led us to talk about how Jamaica, this tiny island of 2.5 million people, has made such an impact on the world.  What is it about reggae, Jamaica and Jamaicans that allows the culture to be so far reaching?  It invites outsiders in…keeps Jamaicans abroad connected…and keeps influencing new generations.

Some people say that it does this despite the problems in the country but  I think it does this because of the problems.  If not for the problems, the struggle, the music would’nt reach as many people.  It’s one of the reasons that so many people can identify with it even though their experience may be a little different, we all have struggles.  The resurgence of conscious lyrics and messages in recent years has, in my opinion, been a return to what made Reggae so influential. That being said, nothing brings people together like a struggle and a good session (party) and Jamaicans have always been good at putting everything aside and just party.

 Reggae Sunsplash has been at the forefront of the cultural movement since 1978.  ‘Uniting the World Through Music’…it pretty much says it all.

What do you think?



~ by sydt on April 15, 2007.

One Response to “Cultural Movement”

  1. Actually you make a very good argument for the revitalization of conscious lyrics and song,in the states the influence in this country is felt world-wide,either in the negative or the positive,
    we are entering an era where “change” is coming once again,we have a chance to have a Black man lead this country,this is “historical” and reminds one of the “brick the stone mason turned away”,make no mistake that what happens here is not just an oppurtunity to “party” but a real chance to see if some of the things myself and others have written about and sung about,have some purpose,in the spirit of the fact we are mostly the sons and daughters of slaves,I and I fight on and even though it is highly possible that African-Americans are more than likely not “conscious” or know their history,still this is country is where “change” must happen first.

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